Shahera Shemill


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–       Ms.Tootsie’s—Line Cook 2012-Present

–       The Hotel Hershey—General / Line Cook, 2010-2011

–       Blue Ridge Country Club—Line Cook, 2009-2010

–       Indiana University-Culinary Arts – Graduated 2006


–      Shahera is the chubby girl, in a kitchen amongst the men, but she can cook her ass off. She is very serious about her passion for cooking.

–      Her first memories of food was her grandmother bringing her into the kitchen to make corn bread to stop her from fighting with her sister.

–      She feels as if she has something to prove to herself and others because she works with a bunch of guys and wants to show that women can do just as well in the kitchen.

–      She is definitely not your average cook. She loves to get dolled up and put on a new pair of heels when she’s not in the kitchen.  She may be a tough bitch, but she really just wants to be a pretty girl.

–      Shahera hates ignorant, cocky people, and doesn’t like people touching her stuff. One of her biggest pet peeves is when people pronounce her name wrong. She said if Chef Ramsay says her name wrong she won’t hesitate to tell him that it’s pronounced “Shahera MOTHER FUCKIN SHERRILL.”

–      Don’t let the dimples fool you, because she is quick to curse someone out.