Shannon Ambrosio


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–       Cagi Food LLC- Chef/Part Owner 2008-Present

–       Hudson County Culinary Arts- Currently Enrolled


–       Former product manager and fashion designer for big designer brands.

–       Received his first sewing machine when he was 20 and started creating patterns in his kitchen.

–       Cooking and food are in his blood.

–       Family owned restaurants growing up and he would spend time working in them.

–       Former amateur boxer; took after his dad who was a pro and fought George Foreman.

–       Obsessed with BBQ so he moved to Atlanta to learn from the best.

–       Knows how to be strategically competitive.

–       OCD, control freak in the kitchen.

–       Very territorial of his station.

–       Always has to be in control and is challenging for him not to be.

–       Tough exterior but has a soft side with his kids and white dog who wears pink bows.

–       As aggressive in the kitchen as he is in the ring.