Shawnte Lewis


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–       Fair Grounds Casino – Player’s Club Rep 2007-2012

–       Cannon’s Restaurant – Prep Cook / Line Cook 2006-2007

–       Marriott Hotel – Barista and Breakfast cook 2007

–       Did not complete Culinary School due to Katrina and mother having a stroke


–       Shawnte discovered she had a love of cooking and that she was good at it while taking a home economics class in the 7th grade.  Her teachers and family gave her praise when she cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner by herself at 13 years old.  It was then that she caught the bug for cooking!

–       Shawnte’s mother is a great cook which she thinks is where her natural abilities stemmed from

–       She decided to put her dreams on hold and drop out of culinary school to help her mother recover from stroke.

–       Shawnte loves to cook for other people, especially her children and is driven when she sees the positive reaction on other people’s faces.  She can cook Creole, which means you can branch off and cook anything!  Shawnte holds supper club where she will cook for large parties and charge them by the plate.

–       She loves cooking with a passion and will cook anytime she is upset.  She breathes it, and loves it – If it’s something she can wake up and do every day her life would be complete!

–       Shawnte feels that currently she is stable enough in her life to bring it to Hell’s Kitchen and that this is her time to shine if given the chance…She’s ready to BRING IT!