Sheila Cutchlow


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–       Kraft Foods & Paula Deen Enterprises- Host 2010-2011

–       DC Chamber of Commerce- Coporate Business Development 2009-2011

–       Le Cordon Bleu- Currently enrolled


–       Sheila grew up as a scratch cook.  EVERYTHING was made from fresh ingredients and from scratch.  Her family was from the south with generations of cooks.  She still owns original cast iron skillets from all of her relatives.

–       Before she decided to make a career out of cooking, she enrolled herself in a national cooking competition sponsored by Paula Deen and won!

–       After competing, she knew that cooking is what makes her happy and what she needed to be doing.

–       Sheila has different personalities that can come out based on the situation.  She can be funny and sweet but also has a sassy temperamental side.

–       Sheila recently enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu for formal training and is currently working towards her degree. She has an 18-year-old daughter that is totally supportive of her career change midway through her life.