Sofia Chavez


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–       Playboy Mansion Enterprises- Prep Chef 2011-Present

–       Craig Zadan- Personal Chef 2008-Present

–       Sean Hayes- Personal Chef 2008-Present

–       Star Education- Chef Instructor 2010-2011


–       Works around naked playmates and Hugh Hefner on a daily basis.

–       On the first all women’s kitchen crew for Friday night dinners at the Playboy Mansion.

–       Current Executive Chef is exactly like Gordon Ramsay as far as screaming and throwing things in the trash.

–       Teaches 90 minute Bikram hot yoga.

–       Played women’s rugby for 6 years,

–       Has 10 brothers and sisters and over 40 other family members that she would help cook for every Sunday growing up.

–       Life changing event when she lost 2 of her siblings before her 11th birthday; one due to illness and the other was murdered.

–      Part Latina and middle eastern and speaks both Spanish and Arabic.