Stacie Pierce


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–       Self Employed- Private Chef/ Caterer 2001-Present

–       March Restaurant- Pastry Chef 1999-2001

–       Culinary Institute of America- Graduated 1987


–       Complete tomboy with a sharp tongue despite her prissy look.

–       Parents both worked in corporate America and never cooked.

–       Would cook for her 5 brothers growing up.

–       Worked in a French restaurant when she was just 14.

–       Personal clients include high profile celebrities and CEO’s including Sarah Jessica Parker and Calvin Klein.

–       Used to last minute cancellations and working for stuck up, filthy rich clientele.

–       Hasn’t had to take any orders from other chef’s in over 13 years so working under Ramsay will be a challenge.

–       Sacrifices her personal relationships for her career.

–       Finds it hard to be in a good mood towards others after a stressful day at work.

–       Quits before anyone can fire her.

–       People think she is a bitch because she has anger management issues.

–       Stacie is really tough, knows her stuff and wants to win!