Stephani Casey


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–       Hillstone Restaurant Group – Assistant Kitchen Manager 2012

–       Chicago Club – Garde Manger / Catering 2011

–       Personal Chef – 2010- Present

–       Le Cordon Bleu – 2011


–      Stephani used to be a librarian before she realized that it wasn’t for her. She always had a passion for cooking and food, so her and her sister opened up a grocery/deli styled store.

–      She sold her half of the store and decided to move on, but still says its one of her biggest mistakes.

–      She hates being told what to do, which is why she doesn’t want to work on the line.

–      She is known to be a pit-bull in the kitchen and can say “fuck you,” with the sweetest smile on her face and get her point across.

–      She prefers working with men because they get the job done, don’t complain as much and are more fun to work with.

–      She has worked in everything from hotdog stands to upscale fine dining.

–      Stephani is territorial in the kitchen and marks all of her tools with blue tape.

–      She is a foodie and absolutely loves chicken feet. She actually moved to Chinatown for a while, just to be closer to that style of food.

–      Stephanie is not afraid to get her hands dirty or throw you out of the kitchen if you piss her off.