Stephen Coe


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–       Lobsta Love Food Truck, Chef/Consultant/”Hustler”, 2012-Present

–       Alba Restaurant, Executive Working Chef, 2010-2011

–       Patrizia’s Trattoria, Executive Working Chef, 2009-2010

–       Johnson & Wales, graduated 2000


–       Stephen has got that Boston swagger.  As the self-described “hustler” and chef of the “Lobsta Love” food truck, he says he can sell his lobster creations to just about anyone on any given street.

–       Stephen is a natural competitor and has been traveling the country competing in—and winning–“Iron Chef type” competitions with the American Culinary Federation since he was 18.

–       Stephen definitely has unusual hobbies outside of the culinary field, including boxing and bee keeping.  The day prior to his interview, he had been stung over 17 times.

–       While he may be an obnoxious “hard ass,”  Stephen is also a bit of a troublemaker and likes fooling around in the kitchen—especially if it’s an open kitchen and patrons can get a good view of his antics.

–        Stephen is one to play mind games and stir up trouble. He is going to get in the minds of the other competitors and manipulate people.