Stephen Scheer


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–       Avalon Yacht Club –Chef  de Cuisine Present

–       Collson’s Food Service/U.S. Coast Guard Base – Chef Manager 2011-2012

–       The Borgata Casino & Spa – Sous Chef 2008-2011

–       The Blue Claw – Sous Chef 2007-2008

–       Academy of Culinary Arts – Graduated 2000


–       Stephen went to culinary school 10 years into his career because he was having a son and wanted the degree for a better job to provide for his family.

–       He has sacrificed a lot to stay in the culinary field including watching his son grow up.

–       Growing up, Stephen lived all over the world because his dad worked for the governement running the Commissaries in different countries. Stephen’s first memory of interesting food was when his father married a Korean woman; he was exposed to new interesting food.

–       Stephen is a rebel and his mouth has gotten him into trouble. He is a tyrant in the kitchen and won’t take shit or excuses from anybody. He has a short fuse and doesn’t care if he hurts feelings and makes others cry.

–       Stephen says he has an innate gift of good senses for food and cooking, and he is an expert at what flavor goes with what.

–       Stephen’s wife thinks he’s annoying because he constantly repeats himself.

–       Stephen wants to compete in Hell’s Kitchen because he has the burning desire to be the best in the industry and he wants to  finally be recognized for his talent.