Steven Garcia


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–      Self Employed- CEO/Executive Chef 2011-Present

–      Coffee Shop- Prep Cook/Bartender 1992-1993

–      Mulligan’s Nightclub and Buffalo Grille- Manager 1991-1992


–      American-born Cuban raised on the Upper East Side of NYC.

–      Has been cooking ever since he could reach the stove and was encouraged by his parents.

–      Cuban immigrant parents taught him many traditional recipes.

–      Was a sales rep. for architects for high profile commercial projects for 17 years before opening his own gourmet hotdog business, Red’s Hot Dog.

–      No patience for stupid people.

–      Anger management issues

–      Brother owns 2 restaurants in San Francisco.

–      Started his own business so he didn’t have to take orders from anyone.

–      Preps and cooks everything in his small kitchen in NYC.

–      Won’t serve anything unless it’s perfect.

–      Gets upset when talking about his father since he passed in 2000.

–      Been fired for his attitude.

–      Can do anything Ramsay asks him to do…. blind folded.