Steven Jackson


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–       The Convenient Chef – Owner and Chef, 1999-Present

–       Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Kitchen Manager/Chef, 1998

–       Schaul’s Premium Foods Company – Kitchen Manager/Chef, 1995-1997

–       Marriott Corporate Services – Chef, 1995-1995

–       Jilly’s Café – Sous Chef, 1993

–       New England Culinary – Student, 1990-1992


–       Living out his dream job working as Head Chef to the Chicago Bulls.

–       Looks tough on the outside but is a huge pushover for his two daughters ages 10 and 13.

–       Would love to retire in Vermont and own a Bed and Breakfast with a huge garden and his own livestock.

–       Obsessive about organization and can’t stand his kitchen to get messy.

–       Worked as a garbage truck man until 1990 when he decided to attend culinary school.

–       Refuses to get caught up in the dramatics of the show, he will keep his head down and cook his way through the other contestants.

–       Believes that most young culinary school graduates are at a disadvantage by receiving a certificate.  He says it allows them to skip the entry level work of the kitchen.

–       Nonstop talker who will tell people everything.

–       Extremely loud and constantly embarrasses those around him.