Steven Londono


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–       LOLA Restaurant – Fine Dining – Grill Cook 2011 – Present

–       Village Market Café – Line Cook 2010 – 2011

–       The Culinary Academy of Syosset 2011


–       Started with a fast food palate and has moved up to five-star, doing 150 covers a day

–       Began as an unpaid intern at a butcher shop; now works under a James Beard award-winning chef

–       Raised by a single Colombian mother who only had time to feed him rice, beans and fast food

–       One of his proudest accomplishments was being the only student from his graduating class to work at a Michelin-rated restaurant right out of school

–       Steven “loves food, lives food, shits food”

–       Most people think Steven is a smart ass

–        Territorial on the grill and will not tolerate people invading his station, sloppiness or laziness