Susan Gutbrodt


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–      Culinary Student, College of Southern Nevada 2008 – Present

–      Previous Career with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department as an Executive Assistant


–      Susan was raised by her 5 siblings and with a mom who worked full-time, she found herself on her own in the kitchen learning to cook on her own in order to get fed.

–      After a successful career working for the Las Vegas Metro Police she retired, but found herself going stir crazy, so she decided to follow her dream and enrolled in culinary school with her sister.

–      She absolutely loves cooking and wants to open a healthy dining restaurant with her daughter who has a boutique in a Las Vegas hotel.

–      She knows how to bake and excels in cake decorating!

–      Because of age, she is like the mom  of her culinary school peers.

–      Competitors will under estimite her because they don’t think she would be able to keep up, but she runs 3 miles every day and does pilates! She is going to surprise everyone with what she can do.

–      Been married 3 times, but after 12 years of marriage to a police officer she met at work, 3rd times the charm!

–      Gordon might make her cry,  but she’ll keep going and cook through the tears!