Tahj Merriman


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–       Waffles – Owner 2007-2009, 2010 – Present

–       Biba – Sous Chef 2010 -Present

–       The Republic Steakhouse – Consultant / Cook 2009

–       Tramontos Steak & Seafood – Sushi Chef 2006-2007

–       The Greenbrier Apprenticeship – Certificate 2004


–       Tahj has a sarcastic personality. This is the second time he opened and reopened the same restaurant and he’s been back in business for 5 years.

–       He his passionate about learning everything he can about food and flew to Japan to learn sushi.

–       Tahj grew up in a very small redneck community and thought waffles would be relatable to the neighborhood redneck palate – that’s why he calls his restaurant Waffles.

–       He knows his culinary expertise is way more sophisticated than that of the people he serves every day.

–       Tahj was privliged to be one of 10 peple selected for the hospitality/culinary program at the 5 Star 5 Diamond Green Brier Hotel Resorts in Virginia.

–       Tahj was in the military and was a psychological warfare specialist who is now in the reserve.

–       Tahj has overcome a lot and he has even been homeless.

–      Tahj was the little guy growing up who was overlooked. He thinks that his advantage in Hell’s Kitchen is that others won’t see him coming because he is 5’5 and looks 16 and they are going to underestimate him.