Terence ‘TJ’ Connor


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–       The Matador Restaurant – General Manager 2012- Present

–       Woodfield Country Club – Line Cook 2011

–       Sails Restaurant – Captain 2006-2008

–       America Bar & Grill – Asst. General Manager 2004-2006

–       Culinary Institute of America – Graduated 2012


–       The last time TJ was on the line was a year ago as a Line Cook. He moved to the front of the house to make more money to pay off his student loans.

–       Against his accountant father’s wishes, TJ took a loan out, put himself through culinary school and graduated from CIA. TJ’s love for cooking and food  pushed him to forge his mother’s signature to get work in a restaurant at the age of 15.

–       TJ was competitive in soccer and won many trophies. In high school, he had some friends and was quite the lady killer.

–       TJ has no need for friends now and is here to compete, win the competition and to get back into the line of fire.

–       TJ says that his employees hate him because he is an asshole. TJ has broken two flat screen TVs because he’s gotten frustrated watching HK and can’t understand why no one seems to have common sense anymore.

–       TJ has a short fuse and a bit of an anger problem. He wants everything to be perfect. TJ has worked every station on the line and has put out 250 covers a night. He can’t stand when the kitchen is filthy and has to have clean plates go out to customers.