Terrell Ortiz


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–       Jack Jack’s Soul Food – Owner  / Chef 2010-Present

–       Teacher’s Assistant, National School & Community Corps, 2001-2002

–       Customer Service Representative, RMH Telecommunications, 1999-2001


–      Terrell’s excitement is contagious.  If believing in one’s product is the best way to sell it, then his restaurant should have a month-long waiting list in no time.

–      Terrell survived growing up on “the streets,” but he learned the value of hard work and how to cook amazing soul food from his mother and grandmother.

–      Two years ago he opened his restaurant in one of the toughest parts of Boston. He’s famous for his gumbo, and he loves watching people take their first bite of his macaroni and cheese.

–      Having no formal training or business education, Terrell credits his restaurant’s success to “not sitting on my butt.”  Terrell is always on the move telling people about his restaurant, passing out flyers, and researching new recipes to create in his kitchen. “In the two years my restaurant has been open, we’ve been in the paper three times!”

–      It’s hard not to love Terrell and to hope this enthusiastic, hard-working, soul food loving father of two makes it all the way to the Hell’s Kitchen finale.