Thomas Deville


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–       Figaro Bistro, Executive Chef- January 2012-Present

–       Magers Bakery, Pastry Chef- 2011-2012

–       Le Sain Amour, Sous Chef- 2011

–       The Little Door, Pastry Chef- 2009-2010

–       LYCEE Francois Rallais- 1996


–       Thomas Deville grew up in France with generations of family owned restaurants.  He was working in many of them at a young age.

–       He hated going college so his parents finally sent him off to a culinary school.  His greatest accomplishment to date was being able to move from France to LA and become an executive chef.

–       Pressure is fun for him, and loves when he can run multiple stations on his own and still gets the food out on time.

–       He’s not a screamer and loves working as a team with his kitchen staff.  Sometimes this can hurt him as people try and walk over him because of his sincerity.

–       He’s not ashamed to work any position in the kitchen and will step in if he must because someone is backed up or having a hard time.  His motivation for being on Hell’s Kitchen is to push himself to extreme limits and work with the best of the best, Ramsay.