Timia Porter


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–       The Artisan House- Lead Line Cook 2011-Present

–       Dish Bistro & Bar- Kitchen Manager 2010

–       Clayton Hall- Private Chef 2007-2010

–       Le Cordon Bleu- Graduated 2011


–       Her mom was killed when she was only 6 years old and after never really seeing her father, she was put into his full custody.

–       Dad was an alcoholic and extremely protective of her so she rebelled and ran away at 17.

–       Was homeless and sleeping anywhere she could but still managed to graduate high school.

–       Used money from her mom’s passing to put her through culinary school at 18.

–       Her current executive chef see’s potential in her and calls her “one badass chef”.

–       Very strong person who can persevere through anything.

–       Food is her passion and not just a means to make money.

–       Adorable and spunky, she is a real winner!