Timothy DeMuro


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–      Zedric’s Gourmet To-Go – Cook 2012-Current

–      Shenanygans Bar & Grill – Cook 2011-Current

–      St. Phillips College – Culinary Student 2009-2012

–      Pasha Mediterranean Grill –  Lead Chef 2009-2011

–      Big Daddy’s Backyard  –  Cook/Pantry 2011


–      Loves making people laugh and can’t stand seeing anyone sad. He will be the goofy jokester to lighten the mood.

–      Says he’s not a ‘hipster’ but loves to rock the mustache. He says he has conversations with his mustache every night before bed.

–      Has a tendency to woo the ladies but then instantly finds himself in the friend-zone with them.

–      He’s a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan; he even has the band’s logo tattooed on his wrist.

–      Wakes up every morning and has to play the guitar before he goes to work.

–      Lost his father at 18 shortly after graduating high school. Timothy’s family named a star after his dad, and he has the coordinates tattooed on his wrist. He says that was a pivotal moment in his life where he had to grow up quickly.

–      He has aspirations of becoming Executive Chef for a cruise line some day so he can travel and do what he loves.

–      Considers himself to be a cook rather than a chef and believes has to learn far more in order to earn the title of chef.

–      Currently in culinary school, graduates summer 2012