Todd Decoteau


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–       Cutting Edge Culinary Productions LLC – Chef and Owner 2012-Present

–       Dons Seafood Hut – Cook and Expo 2011-Present

–       Harvest Supermarket – Cooked and Smoked Meats 2009-2010

–       Louisiana Culinary Institute –Concentration in Advanced Savory Arts 2012


–        Although Todd’s only been professionally cooking for 2 years, he grew up helping his father cook in the kitchen.  His father put him in charge of the salt and pepper and it was his duty to make sure the food tasted fabulous.

–        Being in the Army taught Todd how to withstand pressure and how to deal with the worst personality types.  He feels this training will give him a leg up over his competition on Hell’s Kitchen.

–        In his spare time, Todd loves to play bass guitar, volleyball and videogames.

–        He loves to win but what he loves most about competition is the wisdom gained from going up against people who are potentially better than he is.

–        Todd doesn’t anger easily but when he does, he loses control. He says he wishes he were gentler when expressing anger.

–       As a teenager, Todd was once a drug and alcohol addict and he changed his life around for the better through religion.

–       Todd gets easily frustrated, and coupled with his anger issues he will blow up easily. He can not stand overbearing pricks, useless people, conversational wizards or women who cuss and smoke.