Todd Hall


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–       Fine Dining and Hotel Group Food and Beverage Consultant,  2005-Present

–       8 Fine Dining/Resort Restaurants – Executive Chef 1988-2005

–       Culinary Arts Degree University of Utah – Graduated 1980


–       Chef Todd Hall really has done it all.  After landing his first apprenticeship under a top at age 15, he began working his way up the culinary ladder.  By age 21, he was the Banquet Chef for the Republican National Convention, and already had the resume of someone nearly twice his age.

–       Over the years he continued his climb to chef superstardom, becoming the Executive Chef for several resorts and fine dining restaurants until tragedy struck—his 19 month old son drowned in the family’s pool.

–       Following the death of his son, Chef Todd closed his restaurant and spiraled out of control and eventually landed himself in jail.

–       After getting his life back on track, he has put his culinary talents to use again: “I’m better than I ever was. I didn’t forget how to do it, but I want to get back to where I was before my life got sidetracked.”  Hopefully Hell’s Kitchen is a giant step in the right direction!