Todd Reilly


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–       Naomis Catering – Executive Chef 2011-Present

–       Triple Nickel Diner – General Manager/Chef 2009-2010

–       Cotton Boll Catering – Chef/Catering Manager 2008-2009

–       Ritz Carlton Orlando – Cook II 2006-2008

–       TN Highway Patrol – Communications Dispatcher I 2005-2006

–       Orlando Culinary Academy – Assoc. in Culinary Arts 2006-2007


–       Todd grew up cooking in the kitchen with his mother.  At age 10 his chore was to cook for the entire family.

–       He’s cooked from McDonalds to The Ritz Carlton.

–       Todd teaches culinary basics at Mississippi Junior College.

–       His background in Politics helps him understand the power of talk and sabotage.  He knows he will be able to handle the competition on the show.

–       Todd has that Irish temper – calm at first, then he goes nuts.  He refers to himself as Jekyll and Hyde – calm and relaxed one minute and intensely  competitive and fiery the next.

–       Todd says he carries duct tape and super glue in his kit in case anything happens to him in the kitchen.  He’s a strong-willed guy – he says if he loses a limb while taping Hell’s Kitchen, he wouldn’t leave to go home but instead fix it up with duct tape.

–       Todd’s ability to cook a variety of cuisines, handle any type of situation thrown at him and ability to manage others will help steer him in the direction of being the next winner of Hell’s Kitchen!