Todd Villani


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–       Park Avenue Bar & Grill- Executive Chef 2009-Present

–       LITM- Executive Chef 2008-2009

–       Church Street- Executive Chef 2007-2008

–       World Yacht- Sous Chef- 2005-2007

–       New York Restaurant School – Graduated 1996


–       Grandmother was from Naples and taught him how to start cooking when he was four.

–       Father was a cook, owned a pizzeria, and once cooked for Elvis Presley.

–       Can handle pressure as he is used to anywhere from 500-1000 covers a night.

–       Has managed both the front and back of the house.

–       Played basketball in college but hurt his knee so he couldn’t pursue his sports career any longer.

–       Quit college and went to culinary school despite his family not approving.

–       Very protective of his station and no one is allowed to touch any of his utensils.

–       Father-in-law hired him to cater a party where he met his current wife.

–       His wife almost left him because he spends too much time in the kitchen.

–       Wants to win to prove to his family he is an amazing Chef.