Tyrik Beverly


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–       Westin Hotel – Sous Chef 2008-Present

–       Bell of Philidelphia, Line Cook, 2010-2011

–       Au Pied De Cochon, Breakfast Cook/Lead Line Cook, 2004-2008

–       Bradford Meats, Butcher’s Apprentice, 1998-2000

–       Art Institute of Atlanta, Culinary Arts, Did not graduate


–       Tyrik is a former trouble maker and fat kid.  He went into the military and lost weight, and got into the culinary industry to stay out of trouble.

–       The day after he got out of the military, his best friend was shot in the head on his birthday.

–       To date, Tyrik’s biggest accomplishment is “getting into a white Sous Chef jacket.”

–       Tyrik has been fired from jobs in the past for his loud mouth and “drama queen” attitude.

–       His biggest pet peeves are “a late bitch, and a cocky dick.”

–       To keep pace on the line, Tyrik will sing and dance to Beyonce while on the grill.

–       Tyrik is self-taught, and “doesn’t give a f*ck about being up against a culinary trained chef!”

–       Tyrik has different attitudes for different days: On Tuesday and Saturday, he’s a diva.  On Tuesday and Thursday, he’s argumentative.  Hopefully Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t film on Tuesdays, because that seems to be a bad day for him.