Vinh Le


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–       Lakeside Bistro- Sous Chef 2009-2012

–       Pasteur’s Restaurant- Kitchen Manager/Sous Chef 2003-2009

–       Pho Hoa- Lead Cook 1998-2003


–       Vinh’s family owns restaurants in Seattle, and he worked as Sous Chef under his Executive Chef father in one of them. He only ever worked for his dad so he moved to LA to work in a non-family owned restaurant.

–       Very loud and energetic, has a great memory and is a quick learner.

–       Grandmother passing when he was 18 was the hardest thing he’s had to go through because she influenced his passion.

–       Vinh is very competitive and played basketball all of his life.  He is currently a volunteer basketball coach.

–       Turns into an “Asian cowboy” and talks with a Southern accent when he barbecues.

–       Vinh’s dad taught him everything he knows professionally. He always keeps a photo of his family with him when working and wants to win for them.

–       Vinh admires Chef Ramsay and sees working with him as the highest accomplishment.