Wadiya Gooden


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–       Lower Merion School District – Food Service Associate 2006-2012

–       Philadelphia Musuem of Art – Pantry Chef 2005-2006

–       Allie’s Jazz Bistro – Head Chef 2003-2005

–       The Restaurant School of Walnut Hill – Did not graduate


–       When Wadiya started making baby food for her daughter when she was young, she then realized  she could do it for a living,. She went to the Restaurant School but life got in the way and she couldn’t finish.

–       Her mother was a prison guard and says that Gordon is a peach compared to her mom.

–       She was raised muslim so there was never pork in the house but she will cook anything put in front of her. She grew up in a big family of 10, and had to compete with her sinblings to get a seat at the dinner table.

–       She has been in the food business for 20 years working her way up from the bottom. Wadiya has sacrificed college to pursue a career in the culinary industry, so losing is not an option.

–       What pisses her off the most is when peoeple don’t have common sense. She has busted her hump to get to where she is and she is not going to let anybody get in her way.

–       Misconception the others will have about Wadiya is that she will be meek and gentle because that is what her name Wadiya means but she is completely the opposite.