Walter Leone


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–      Paesano’s – Head chef / Kitchen Manager 2011-Present

–      Urban Outfitters – Line Cook 2008-2009

–      El Camino Real – Lead Line Cook 2007-2008

–      J & A Culinary Institute – 2007, did not graduate


–       Walter never thought he’d end up in the culinary world. Being a math nerd in high school, Walter was studying to be an engineer when he got a job helping out at a catering company found his true calling.

–       When he was working under one of his mentors she told him, “Either stay with it or get out” and he decided he was going to stay with it. Walter went to culinary school for a few months but was never able to graduate because his son died quickly after birth. That had set him back a bit, but when he was done grieving he was able to get back in the kitchen.

–       Walter is very keen on keeping a clean kitchen. Nothing annoys him more than dirty fingernails and unorganized co-workers. He needs a system and everyone in the kitchen needs to follow that system of they will hear this spitfire’s mouth.

–       Walter said everything in his world is black: his jacket is black, his wife is black, his kids are black, he just needs a black HK chef jacket to go with his black beard.

–       He has “Family First” tattooed on his hands because family is everything. He has three beautiful girls with a son on the way. Even though his girls prefer their mother’s cooking, he knows he can win and make them all proud.