Zelina Rodriguez


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–      Young Chefs Academy – Chef/Instructor 2011-Present

–      Water Mark Grill – Line Cook 2009-2010

–      Ventana – Line Cook/Prep 2009-2010

–      Barrera’s BBQ – Chef/Catering Manager 2003-2006

–      Texas Culinary Academy –  Graduated 2009


–      Zelina is very particular about the way she does things and when things aren’t done her way she freaks out. Giving up control isn’t something that comes easily for her.

–      Loves to sing at work to the point that it annoys her co-workers and even her boss.

–      She’s overly competitive and will always dig deeper or push harder in order to win.

–      Loves her family but thinks her sister is a “bitch” and that her brothers are lazy.

–      Recently separated from her husband of 17 years, she realized she wasn’t happy and wasn’t willing to live that way any longer.  Now she has all the energy to kick ass on HK.

–      Currently teaches cooking classes for both children and adults and loves it.

–      Her family owned a restaurant in which they lived above her entire childhood.

–      Takes pride in being able to make people love the food they usually hate just because she prepared it so well.

–      Will be very annoying to the others on the line.