The Baltimore House


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  • Owner: Louis Vassilaros
  • Full Address: 176 Curry Hollow Rd. Pleasant Hills, PA
  • Website:
  • Opened: October 4th, 1976
  • Type of food/restaurant: Seafood, Steaks, Hibachi, and Sushi
  • Service hours: Monday-Tuesday: 11AM-11PM
  • Wednesday-Saturday: 11AM-Midnight
  • Sunday: Noon-10PM
  • Restaurant size: Obtaining
  • Kitchen size: Obtaining
  • No. of seats: 320
  • No. of employees: 20
  • Liquor license: Yes
  • Own


  • Louis Vassilaros wants to retire and turn the restaurant to his children and grandchildren, but if it fails, there is no legacy for the family and they will not have any jobs.
  • If the Baltimore House does not succeed, the family will stay broken as it is now. They are ripping each other apart and Louis will have to sell the restaurant.