Hilltop Restaurant


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  • Owner: Les and Cameron Fair
  • Full address: 318 New York Ave. Rochester, PA 15074 (35 miles from Pittsburgh)
  • Website: None
  • Opened: February 1968
  • Type of food/restaurant: American
  • Service hours: Sunday-Saturday 11AM- 9PM
  • Restaurant size: Dining room- 4300 sq. ft.
  • Kitchen size: Square footage of kitchen: 800 sq. ft.
  • No. of seats: 100 seats
  • No. of employees: 14
  • Liquor license: Yes
  • Owns  


  • The business is in the hole and they are $75,000 in debt. Every year they are $22K-$25K behind in paying the bills.
  • Because of debt, their house, which was paid off, is now in equity. If business doesn’t improve, they fear they could lose everything!
  • Les’ wife pays most of the bills to keep the restaurant open. Without her constant help, Les would be close to bankruptcy.