L5 Thai Restaurant


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  • Owner: Judie Leothacue (Kat)
  • Address: 12910 Harbor Blvd. Garden Grove CA 92840
  • Website: www.l5thairestaurant.com
  • Opened: 2011
  • Type: Authentic Thai & Laotian Cuisine
  • Hours: Tues, Wed, & Sun – 11AM – 10PM, Thur – Sat – 11AM – 11PM
  • Restaurant Size: 2100 sq. ft.
  • Number of Seats: 116
  • Number of Employees: 4
  • Beer and wine only
  • Lease


  • The stress of the restaurant has completely ruined the sister’s relationship. They used to be best friends and now go weeks without speaking.
  • The girl’s father brought them to America for a better life and instilled in them the importance of education. The two older girls both got degrees. Alek dropped out of school because of finances and also to help with the restaurant. Alek can’t afford to go back to school unless the restaurant becomes profitable.
  • The sisters have put their life savings into the restaurant. Without help, L5 Thai will almost certainly have to close down, losing their investment as well as leaving their relationship in shambles.