La Dolce Vita


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  • Owner: Terrence “Terry” Tarantino
  • Full address: 12112 Mayfield Road, Cleveland, OH 44106
  • Website:
  • Opened: June 1988
  • Type of food/restaurant: Italian
  • Service hours: Mon-Thur 5-10pm, Fri-Sat 12-11pm, Sunday 1-10pm
  • Restaurant size: 3,600 sq. ft.
  • No. of seats: 200
  • No. of employees (full-time and part-time): 16
  • Liquor license: Yes
  • Owns the building


  • Terry’s reputation is on the line here. His parents, and even his grandparents are from Little Italy. With so much history in the town and being an Italian-American restaurant owner in Little Italy, Terry feels like he has an image to uphold.
  • Terry is the owner of two restaurants, La Dolce Vita and La Strada. Since both restaurants are struggling, he now has two headaches and feels extremely stuck.
  • He has devoted 23 years of his blood sweat and tears into La Dolce Vita, and it is his mission to see the restaurant reach the level of success that he feels it deserves.
  • Terry has a daughter who was once inspired by him but now their relationship has crumbled. Terry wants the restaurant to be successful so that he can have more time to spend with his daughter and a business that she can take over one day.
  • Terry has also sacrificed his love life. With such a busy lifestyle trying to keep the restaurant afloat, he wishes he had more time to date and meet women so that he could get into a more serious relationship with that special someone.