Village Tavern & Trattoria


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  • Owner[s]: Ray Hanis Jr. – owns 50% (Silent Partners: Rob and Ron Ciotti and Fred Kim)
  • Address: 424 S. Main Street, Pittsburgh PA, 15220
  • Website:
  • Opened: April 26, 2010
  • Type of food/restaurant: Northern Italian / American
  • Service hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm, Closed Sundays until football season
  • Restaurant size: Obtaining
  • Kitchen size: Obtaining
  • No. of seats: 150
  • No. of employees (full-time and part-time): 14
  • Liquor license? Yes 


  • Ray has invested everything he has into this restaurant and anything he has saved for a rainy day is gone. If business doesn’t improve, it is inevitable that he will have to close the restaurant and everything that he has sacrificed, including his marriage will have been for nothing! Ray has no plan B!
  • Ray is in fear that if he loses the restaurant he will not only disappoint his son and family, but most of all, the entire community!