Jaylee Alexander


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–       Cactus Jack Southwestern Grille – Sous Chef 2010-Present

–       Mountain Valley Golf Course – Sous Chef 2008-2011

–       Bent Fork the Grille – Sous Chef 2007-2008

–       PA Culinary/Le Cordon Bleu, Graduated 2003


–       Jaylee is half Irish and half Korean, so he “does two things well: drink, and fight.”

–       Jaylee’s grew up as an Army brat and lived all over the country.

–       He always knew he wanted to be a chef, and immediately went to culinary school after he graduated high school.

–       Following culinary school, he lived in Colorado, Hawaii, and California to learn different styles of cooking.

–       Jaylee has been called “Mr Asshole,” and has even fired his best friend before.

–       Growing up, he was always getting in fights with kids who were bullies because he wanted them to know what it felt like to be beat up.

–       He is competitive: he played baseball and football in high school and also learned mixed martial arts as an adult.

–       He is an excellent story teller and is engaging to listen to.

–       Jaylee cannot tolerate “people who don’t know their shit” and never ask for his advice.