My fair lady

By: Roland Espinoza

DreMāk passes the final hurdle as it readies for launch

August 1, 2007


DreMāk passes the final hurdle as it readies for launch

Dallas, TX – August 1, 2007 – In June and July of this year, DreMāk put its concept to the test by facilitating the Dallas area auditions for two Reality Television projects. Casting for these shows was the responsibility of The Conlin Company, a company which has cast some of the most successful reality shows on primetime network television including Hell’s Kitchen, Nanny 911, and The Swan.

DreMāk facilitated the casting of a new Reality show – “My Fair Lady” (working title) – being developed by Trump Organization, Inc., and RDF USA for FOX Television. At the same time, auditions were conducted for a new season of Paradise Hotel, produced by Mentorn USA, and airing on Fox Reality and MyNetworkTV.

These auditions were the first to use DreMāk’s fully-automated auditions recording process for an national casting search. DreMāk and Conlin jointly developed an “instruction video” that guided the performer/candidates through their audition in the DreMāk Studios recording booth. The audition video and candidate profile information was made available to the Casting Director via the DreMāk website, eliminating the need for the casting producers to travel to Dallas for preliminary auditions.

The Dallas casting for both shows was quite successful. In total, 70 auditions were conducted in the prototype DreMāk Interactive Automated Studio and the candidates reported that they were very comfortable with the process. The fact that the auditions could be run continuously for a two-week period, instead of just one or two days, provided several advantages to both the candidates and the casting company. By offering candidates a wider range of hours from which to choose, they could not only schedule their audition, but choose a time that worked best for them. This also enabled candidates to travel longer distances to audition. In addition to significant cost savings for the casting company, use of the DreMāk studio enabled a larger number of auditions to be conducted immediately in Dallas upon the start of the casting process. This sometimes takes up to two to three weeks before the Casting Director can see auditions from other cities.

Sheila Conlin, President of The Conlin Company, stated, “The DreMāk Interactive Automated Studio process is a great new tool for casting directors. With it, we can conduct the preliminary casting more rapidly, while saving travel time and cost.” Conlin went on to say, “This approach not only shortens the timeframe of our search, but helps us cast a wider net in selecting the best candidates for the show.” I’m looking forward to working with DreMāk again when the Dallas store opens early next year, and as they role out additional stores in major markets around the country.”DreMāk’s automated auditioning process passed the most important test of all – it generated quality video recordings that The Conlin Company could use to evaluate and select reality show candidates. In fact four of the Dallas candidates were selected among the finalists that Conlin is recommending to the shows’ producers.

Albert Raggio, the visionary behind the DreMāk studios concept, was equally pleased with the results. He said, “It has taken a lot of effort to get the concept right, but now we have proven that it will work. Not only will it support casting companies, but the studios will serve many other markets equally well.”