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Q & A—from a forum on msnbc

Q: My favorite two reality TV shows are “Paradise [Hotel]” and “Big Brother.” Why was “Paradise [Hotel]” shelved? Watching those guests back-stab each other was thrilling! It was great TV. —Richard

A: FOX’s “Paradise Hotel” is one of those reality shows that, since its conclusion and cancellation, has not been forgotten. Fans have long hoped it would return, but FOX aired a knock-off version, “Forever Eden,” instead (it flopped and was soon cancelled).But there’s good news: The FOX Reality Channel — which has aired repeats of the original season — recently announced that it will film a new version of “Paradise Hotel.” A network rep told me that it’s scheduled to debut the week of January 13, 2008, but no other details are available yet.

The show sent a group of singles to a house in Mexico, where they paired up every week, and those who were eliminated were replaced by new cast members. Twists were introduced at random, making the show feel like it didn’t have much of a structure at all.The new series will be produced by the same production company, and will air on both the cable network and MyNetworkTV, the network that took over for many UPN stations. There’s no word about the show’s structure or its cast.

“Paradise Hotel” fans always want to know if Amy and Zach, the kind of domineering big-couple-on-campus team from the show, are still together. According to various sources, including Zach’s MySpace page, which also notes that he is leaving Arizona to return to Hawaii, they are not. —A.D.