Nanny 911

Nanny 911 follows a team of expert nannies as they come to the rescue of desperate parents to tackle the issues that are causing chaos in their homes. Armed with expert child-rearing checklists, the English ‘über-nannies’ take on all types of misbehaving, from appalling table manners to raging temper tantrums.

All it takes is a call to Nanny Central, where Head Nanny Lillian reviews the case and assigns the nanny best suited for the challenge at hand. From a recently widowed mother of two, desperate to maintain discipline and order in her children while dealing with her personal grief, to a family with three sets of twins who fight for their parents’ attention by battling each other, no scenario is too chaotic for these experts to transform.

Throughout her stay with the trouble-torn family, the nanny identifies the causes of turmoil and designs a plan to alleviate the parents’ frustrations, turning temper tantrums into tears of joy.