About Sheila

Sheila Conlin is best known as the driving force behind creating the criteria, systems and approach to casting for reality television. Her ability to identify the unique talents and skills found in each of us and mold unscripted ensemble casts that propel a concept forward has established her as one of the seminal figures in the development of the reality television format.

It has always been Sheila’s passion to discover and nurture the unique talents that make up a great reality cast. To help her harness her own passion, she created Breaking Into Reality, a way for everybody who believes they are the next great reality tv talent to discover if they truly have what it takes.

Conlin also owns and operates The Conlin Company, a full-service casting, development, and production company in Los Angeles, with additional resources in New York and Europe. Conlin specializes in casting and development of reality television shows, host and expert casting, commercials, films, documentaries and campaigns.

Sheila has been a moderator at Realscreen West 2012, and a panelist on “Casting Call” and “Developing The Story” at Realscreen 2014 and 2015 in Washington DC. A panelist at the Nashville Screenwriters Conference and has lectured to broadcasters in China about reality television (BTV, Nanjing TV, ShenZhen, SMG, Hunan TV). In September 2014, She was invited to conduct a master class on reality television at the first annual Doc & Factual Agora in Rome, Italy.

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