Now Casting: GHOST HUNT for Snapchat

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SNAPCHAT is currently casting for great GHOSTING stories, for a new unscripted comedy series about reuniting GHOSTS with their GHOSTEES. We are seeking both sides of the story… Those who have been GHOSTED in a relationship, as well as those who have GHOSTED someone in the past, who would like the opportunity to see their former flame face-to-face one last time.

Guided by our comedian host, MATTEO LANE (MTV’s Girl Code, Comedy Central’s The Comedy Jam), this show seeks to reunite GHOSTS & GHOSTEES, and offer them a second chance… or at least the opportunity for some fun, awkward closure.

This is your opportunity to appear on a major new Snapchat show, and share your GHOSTING STORY with the world… and make some MONEY in the process!

GHOSTING is when someone chooses to end a relationship by simply…disappearing…stopping all communication and slowly fading away. People GHOST hoping that the person they are dating will just “get the hint” and everyone involved can avoid an awkward conversation.


If you have ever Ghosted someone, or been Ghosted yourself, please fill out one of our casting applications (linked above).

Or tell us your story at [email protected].
Please include your: name, age, occupation, ghosting story and a photo of yourself.