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“I always can spot the perfect reality TV contestant. I can see either a spark or uniqueness,” Sheila says. “I can see right through anyone who’s phony. Everyone always thinks that there are these characters, and then we have to look for these types. I don’t sit there and go, ‘I’m going to find the villian. I’m going to find the bitch.’ All the casting requirements are specifics. Maybe it’s a certain age group. Maybe it’s a certain hair color. Maybe they can be married or they can be single. It depends on the show.” Sheila says casting for a television show can be an arduous task.

“In a final cast of 10 people, I usually see 2,000 to 3,000 people,” she reveals. “The process for getting on a reality TV show is very simple. The chances of actually making it on the show is actually one in a million.”

When the videotape ends, Dr. Phil turns to Sheila. “OK, the odds are long,” he muses. “Yeah, the odds are really long, especially since reality is so popular right now,” Sheila replies.
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